Axel Straschnoy

Contextos de Exhibición de un Marco Negro (2007-)

From the outside, all that is seen is a 50 x 63 x 13 cm. frame with the glass painted black; it's the kind of frame normally used in Buenos Aires to show photographs.
Inside there is a large format pinhole camera. This is used every time the frame was shown to take a picture of the context in which it was exhibited.
The piece thus kept a record of its own history.
The work was bought by Kiasma Museum in 2012, who decided to stop the photo-taking process and instead start showing the results.


Duchamp en Buenos Aires, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, 2007

Colección Metropolitana Contemporánea, Casa de la Cultura, Buenos Aires, 2008

Le Plan Méthodique de F. le Play, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2009

Private house, Paris, 2010

Boxes, Muu, Helsinki, 2011

Ça et là, Private collection, Paris, 2012

Reality Bites Kiasma, Helsinki, 2012